Today I’ve updated my Shiny App I wrote about a few days ago.

I’m using now Flexdashboard to embed a shiny app into an Rmarkdown-File.

Using Flexdashboard caused a little trouble when using observeEvent(). But currently the apps works, but throws a warning regarding observeEvent() in respect to plotly.

The 'plotly_click' event tied a source ID of 'A' is not registered. In order to obtain this event data, please add `event_register(p, 'plotly_click')` to the plot (`p`) that you wish to obtain event data from.

I don’t know how to tackle this problem. Especially because I can’t change the id of the plot. When I’m using another id as the default ‘A’ the app crashes when I click into the plotly-plot…

Viridis Colorscale for Colorblindness

I also published an app-version using the viridis colorscale instead of green-yellow-red. So colorblind people may use this version.

Personally I thinks it’s more difficult to read this scale but I’m not colorblind.


I’ve pushed the source-code to So anybody who wants to play with the code can do this.


I also tried to use binder as a simple way to run the R-code in RStudio or the app. But unfortunately I can’t install the R-package geojsonio.

So you have to use your local RStudion installation and install the required packages on your own.