pkgdown and GDPR - How to host a pkgdown site in Germany

pkgdown is a great tool for generating a website with documentation for an R package.

Unfortunately, pkgdown uses CDNs (content delivery networks) like Cloudflare to embed often used JavaScript libraries into the generated website. Also, fonts are included in such a way. That’s a good idea when these files are cached over websites away.

But in Germany due to GDPR, it’s only allowed to do so after the user has given his consent.

Lists to Data.Frames with imap

When working with data which is a result of json-data converted to a list of lists of lists of lists … (you know what mean ;-)) I often want to convert it a data.frame.

Unfortunately there’s often a list in the source data which is unnamed. Or the list in one row is longer than the one in another row. So converting it straight forward into a data.frame or tibble fails with the error message Tibble columns must have compatible sizes.

So what to do? Just leave lists as values in the cells of the data.frame.

Accessing Snowflake with R

Snowflake is a well known cloud-based database. It’s used for Data Warehouses and other big data applications.

In this article and the following ones I want to show how to setup and access a snowflake database from various clients such as R, Tableau and PowerBI.

So let’s start using R.