How to use nflfastR with Google BigQuery?

Lately I wanted to play around with nflfastR. That’s a great package giving you access to NFL’s play-by-play data since 1999. It let’s you download all the data and store it in several different databases.

Unfortunately I ran into trouble when I tried to import the data to Google’s BigQuery.

Where does bigrquery store credential-tokens on a Mac?

This blogpost is mainly a reminder for myself where I can delete this information.

But what’s all about?

Recently I installed bigrquery and ran queries against Google’s BigQuery cloud-database before I had installed gcloud (and did the authorization as described at

So R asked me to authorize the session in a browser. So far so good.

But every time I started a new R session I was asked if I want to use the well known account or another one.

So I was wondering where this account information was stored and how I could delete this information.

pkgdown and GDPR - How to host a pkgdown site in Germany

pkgdown is a great tool for generating a website with documentation for an R package.

Unfortunately, pkgdown uses CDNs (content delivery networks) like Cloudflare to embed often used JavaScript libraries into the generated website. Also, fonts are included in such a way. That’s a good idea when these files are cached over websites away.

But in Germany due to GDPR, it’s only allowed to do so after the user has given his consent.