After upgrading my local R version to version 4.2.1 I always got an annoying warning after loading my own package. This only occurred using RStudio.

Warning message:
In length(steps) == 0 || nchar(steps) == 0 :
  'length(x) = 2 > 1' in coercion to 'logical(1)'

“Okay, that’s something new in R 4.2.0”, I thought and found

But my code doesn’t use the cited code. Outside of RStudio, the warning doesn’t appear. So I cloned the repo again. No warning.

When I copied .Rprofile.user into the new directory the warning appeared again. So I explored the files step by step.

There was a file that seems to contain breakpoints. When deleting this file by calling Debug -> Clear All Breakpoints... the warning disappeared.