Visualization of Corona Incidence in Germany per County

Everyone in Germany is speaking about the 2nd wave of Covid-19. Has it already arrived, is it still coming?

The number of new Covid-19 cases is rising for quite a few weeks According to Johns Hopkins University there were more than 1,000 new cases per day in the last days.

That was also the case when there was only a local hotspot in G├╝tersloh and Warendorf occurred.

But this time there isn’t one hotspot. The infected people live all over Germany.

So I want to visualize the spreading.

Moving from wordpress to blogdown

I’ve started this blog five years ago using wordpress. But I admit that it was quite painful to write the articles about R in wordpress.

I had to write the R-code in RStudio, copy it to wordpress. Then I had to run the code and copy the output to wordpress, too.

Any time I want to make changes to the code this procedure gets quite tedious. I’ve also tried to do some steps at medium. But the steps for publishing were the same.

So I was pleased when I stumbled across blogdown. Using blogdown I can write my R code and the article in one step.